By March of every year, almost every midwesterner takes a peek at the weather forecast before bundling in layer after layer to walk outside. We’re all looking for those sweet, two-digit numbers higher than 32. We’re all ready for the days when we can shimmy into our swimsuits, strap on our Chacos and jump in a lake. And all of the students out there can hardly wait for the last school bell, the last day of classes and the chance to hit snooze every morning.

But there’s more to summer than just swimming, sleeping and sunbathing. That’s why you need to go to camp this summer.

  1. You need an excuse to turn off your phone.
    While the battery drains from our handheld device, the daylight drains outside our windows. Suddenly, we’ve spent the whole day browsing Facebook or looking up workouts on Pinterest. Why go to camp? Because you’ll have an excuse to turn off your phone, and it may not even pick up a signal anyway. When your phone is off, your more apt to get outside, get exercise, read a book and ultimately get more out of your summer.
  2. The food.
    Let’s be honest – one of the greatest joys in life is waking up to a meal you didn’t have to cook yourself. At camp, that’s every meal. Camp cooks know how to craft the perfect comfort food that will fuel you through your day outdoors.
  3. Camp friendships are forever.
    If you went to camp as a kid, you probably still remember the names of your cabin-mates or are even still in touch with them. The time you spend at camp with others fosters friendships and relationships that can last a lifetime. Being part of a camp family means you never face hardships alone, even after you drive home.
  4. The woods are healing.
    The idea of “going camping,” has always been associated with nature and the woods, for good reason. We feel rejuvenated while standing under pine boughs or dipping our toes in a creek. Most of us live in cities or towns where even if natural areas are accessible, we often don’t have breaks from our busy days to fully enjoy them. Camp gives you the excuse you need to soak up the woods and the glory of the natural world.
  5. Camp brings you closer to God.
    As cliche as it might be, anyone who has been to a church camp, or even a camp with no religious affiliation, has probably experienced a spiritual moment or two while singing at the campfire or waking up to a sunrise over the mountains. We feel closer to God when we are camp because we are giving our undivided attention to two precious things he made: other people and nature.



Ultimately, we all know there are 1,000,000+ reasons to pack our suitcases and go to camp this summer. We all have personal reasons why we want to unplug or just get away from our everyday lives. Camp gives us that chance. Let’s take it.

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