Rental General Information

Camping and Facility Rentals


  • Per night use of Rimrock $25/person, $75 max per family per night
  • Day use of Rimrock $200 for groups up to 50, $300 for groups over 50
  • Wedding use of Camp Rimrock $1,000
  • Upon request, meals may be served at: $8.00 for breakfast, $10.00 for lunch, and $12.00 for supper,              minimum = 12 meals

General Information:

In order to be granted permission to use Rimrock, organizations and individuals must agree to release, indemnify and hold the Presbytery of South Dakota harmless from liability. (This does not apply to those persons attending Presbytery of South Dakota sponsored activities.)

No large animals are allowed at either location. Small animals on a leash are permitted. Owners are responsible for appropriate clean-up, feeding and management/control of the animals. No animals are permitted in buildings.

It is recommended that guests bring their own bedding, pillows, linens and toilet articles.

Contact the camp director at [email protected] to reserve your rental.

Expectations and Rules:

US Forest Service fire restrictions will be observed when posted (which could include no campfires).
 No smoking is permitted in the buildings or on the property. 
No use of alcoholic beverages is permitted except for the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 
All site schedules and activities must be cleared with the camp director, and all regulations are enforced by this individual.

“Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, handicap, sex, religion, national origin, or age.”