Men’s Retreat

April 26-28, 2024: Men’s Retreat

Patched vs. Repaired
God, faith, and healing for a broken world.

This men’s retreat offers time away at the Presbytery of South Dakota’s own beautiful Rimrock Retreat Center in the Black Hills to be alone and to connect with others. Time will be structured to include Bible study and discussion centered on what role God and faith play when we try to fix what is broken. There may also be a few things that are broken around the property that your gifts, skills, and talents might be able to fix! Invite your friends and join us for a weekend to remember.

Rev. Chad Ensz is a born-and-raised South Dakotan who was once so ornery he was kicked out of Sunday School. After rebelling in his teenage years just enough to get arrested but not enough to make the papers, he started to pay more attention to God in his life. Eventually, he believed God was calling him to a vocation of ministry, and Chad agreed so long as it wasn’t in a church. After undergraduate studies on west coast and graduate studies on the east coast, Chad was ordained in 2012 and eventually returned home to South Dakota where he currently serves two congregations as their pastor: The Little Stone Church and Hope Co-op, both of Sioux Falls.

The Men’s Retreat flyer is available here!

Costs (cover lodging, food and programming):

  • $115 per person
  • The Men’s Retreat is open to all men ages 18 and up.