The sun creeped over the mountain in front of Rimrock this morning and 13 pairs of sleepy eyes opened in cabins 1, 2, 4 and 5. Today is the first day of Seekers Camp, where children from grades 3-5 are learning about God, themselves and others.

After a warm breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, the campers and counselors headed to our chapel building for morning energizer songs and a second introduction to today’s theme: What if God is bigger?

The theme comes from Luke 1: 35-55. An angel has just told Mary that she will bear the son of God and Mary, accepting her task, visits her cousin Elizabeth, who is also pregnant.

Each camper was encouraged to ponder why Mary was willing to accept this mission so gladly. A pregnant, unmarried woman was not at the top of the social ladder in the Greco-Roman world. But, as the theme goes, Mary chose to carry Jesus and make God’s love bigger.

After hearing the story, each camper wrote a letter to God, asking Him one question they wanted to know the answer to. Here were some of their questions:

  • Dear God, do you like church?
  • Dear God, what would happen if the world ended?
  • Dear God, why can’t we see you all the time?
  • Dear God, what’s your favorite Netflix series?
  • Dear God, how did you make the earth?
  • Dear God, how did you know Mary was the one to be Jesus’ mother?
  • Dear God, what is your favorite animal?
  • Dear God, why did Jesus risk his life for us?

Questions ranged from the why’s to the what’s to the how’s of God, each things we hope our campers will be able to explore this week.

This afternoon, they’ll be hiking up the mountain behind the creek. The view from the top will have all of us, campers and counselors alike, realizing that God is much, much bigger than we ever imagined.

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