One of our favorite activities during the summer season is the obstacle course. Both of our locations have different challenges on these courses, such as trust falls, balancing platforms and spiderwebs of rope.

Although these challenges often look easy at first glance, campers soon discover that they truly are challenges, and they’ll have to tackle them together in order to complete them.

Working together means that sometimes you fail together. As one team member traverses across a balancing beam to avoid the imaginary alligators below, the other team members must support them and be willing to start over if their teammate loses their balance. It’s a test of patience, humility and community.

It also exemplifies the final value of our CONNECT acrostic: teamwork. At Pioneer & Rimrock Camps and Retreat Centers, we believe in joining arm and arm to fulfill our mission and vision. We know that obstacles are faced best when we work together. We know that we can rise from failures through the power of community. We know that we can succeed through our unity.

Snow has begun to fall across South Dakota. Autumn is fading into winter and we’re bundling into coats, mittens and heated cars. As the holiday season approaches, many of us look toward the time we will have with family – maybe with joy, maybe with trepidation.

But as the season approaches, may we remember the value of community and teamwork, however challenging our life’s obstacles may feel. At camp, at home and at work, we worship a God who loved his children so much that he sent his only son to bear their burdens. We do not face adversity alone.

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