Connection Shift

Connection Shift 2020

Due to Covid- 19 we are suspending our traditional summer camping program for 2020. We feel that it is important to still provide a camp experience of some kind for this summer. We are shifting the way we think about camp and offering a virtual based camp experience that we are calling it Connection Shift 2020. This is going to be a work in progress, but we are going to offer four weeks of camp this summer.

2020 Camp Schedule
Seekers June 21-26
You and Me June 27-30
Family Camp July 2-5
Compass July 5-11
Pathfinder July 12-18


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When you register for camp, you will receive a “camp in a box” that will include an access code to log into your camp specific web portal on our web site, also log in info for our zoom calls for that week, access to all live events hosted on Facebook or YouTube. Each camper will receive a Connection Shift 2020 shirt and several other camp merchandise. The box will also contain all items to help facilitate your camp experience from your home or church. Items to include: an age specific journal tied to the weekly and daily themes, all craft/project material needed, suggested menu/cookbook for your week and several other camp specific items to enhance your camp.

Below is a sample schedule of what a day may look like, this will look different for each camp and may even change during the time of camp to enhance the experience. As you can see, we will have events planned for the whole summer that will be open for all to join, such as morning watch, campfires and workshops that will be held daily. The closed groups will be for those that have registered for the specific camps. Campers will be encourage to join a every other week camper check in as the year progresses, this will help maintain the connections that have been made at camp as well as the new connections made during this shift.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions and we will answer the best we can. [email protected] or 605-431-5224

We know that this is not going to replace camp and it is not meant to do so, but we are very excited to provide something. We are confident that God will be using this time to help our connections to God, self and others stronger. Please consider joining us for this Connection Shift this summer.

  Time Delivery Open/ Closed
Morning Watch 7:30 AM MT FB Live Open
Suggested Meals Menu Sheet 


  Camp in a Box Closed
Suggested Chore Time Sheet   Camp in a Box Closed

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Energizers/Theme Connection 9:00 AM MT Zoom Closed
Family Time 9:30 AM MT Camp in a Box Closed
Check-In 11:30 AM MT Zoom Closed

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Suggested Meals Menu Sheet 


  Camp in a Box Closed
Suggested Activity Sheet   Camp in a Box Closed
Afternoon Block 

(Ex. Hike, Tubing, Scavenger Hunt, etc.)

  Pre-recorded/ Live TBD

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Connection Time 4:00 PM MT Zoom Closed
Suggested Meals Menu Sheet 


  Camp in a Box Closed
Evening Worship 7:00 PM MT Zoom Closed
Camp Fire 8:00 PM MT FB Live Open

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Weekly Theme: 
This is Our Prayer



Be Invited

Mon. Together
Tues. Be Heard
Wed. Guidance
Thurs. Renewal

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Bi-weekly Check-ins
with previous
camp groups
5:30 PM MT Zoom Closed

(Ex. Cooking,
Art, Music, Science,

TBD FB Live Open





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