In our jobs and schoolwork or whatever tasks we apply ourselves to, we all strive for excellence.

When we’re young, we might be proud when a report card ends up on the fridge or when a teacher congratulates us at a conference.

As we move out into the world beyond grade school, report cards and teachers, we strive for excellence in other ways. Maybe we look forward to a promotion at work or a good review from a supervisor. Maybe we look forward to a handmade card from our kids. Sometimes the way we define excellence differs. That’s OK.

We’re often paralyzed by the fear of failure or the fear of not achieving excellence. Sometimes this prevents us from doing anything at all.

At camp, we commit ourselves to pursuing a high standard and high quality in all we do. This is why we train our counselors before campers come. It’s why we clean the bathrooms every day, whether they look dirty or not. We do this not because we believe we can be perfect, but because we want to strive for that quality and excellence no matter what.

As the fifth value in our CONNECT acrostic, excellence is important to us. But we also believe that part of the product is in the process, meaning some of our excellence comes from the pursuit of excellence itself.

As the weather gets colder and the leaves fall, we challenge you not to be paralyzed by fear, but encouraged to pursue excellence in all ways.

This season, let’s guide ourselves toward excellence in Christ.

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