Pioneer Camp & Camp Rimrock May 2015 Newsletter

Camping is such a wonderful ministry because so many people are spiritually changed, transformed, even molded into disciples and leaders.

We love youth and adult camp ministry!

It is an experience where we learn about God’s creation, make friends, have fun and play. It is also where we can have some very deep conversation about God, the church, faith, and just about everything else in life. We feel called to teaching, and creating teachable moments for people of all ages. These moments help equip us to be disciples in the church and give us the skills and experiences to help one another in our walk of faith.

It’s about fun and friends and it’s about Jesus Christ and faith! It’s a great place to be! Come grow and experience the passionate presence of God with us in 2015.

Look through the whole newsletter to learn more about the exciting opportunities taking place this summer at Camp Rimrock and Pioneer! There are even flyers at the end to tell you more about a couple of individual camps that you could be a part of!

Here is the full Newsletter for May 2015

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