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Opportunities to help at Rimrock in May

Do any of these sound like you? You want to attend a camp at Rimrock this summer, but you can’t make any of the dates. You want to help Rimrock in some way, but don’t know how. You like the idea of staying at Rimrock for FREE and having meals provided for you. You wouldn’t mind taking a trip to…

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Eklund Lodge

The Eklund Lodge is packed full of camp charm

Welcome to the Rimrock Camp and Retreat Center’s Eklund Lodge. Let’s take a peek inside and see what the lodge has to offer you during your stay with us. Main Floor When you first enter the lodge, you are in the dining hall area. Multiple tables and chairs are available for use to accommodate for different sized groups. There are…

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Experience The Nostalgia Of Camp In A Rustic Cabin

Camping doesn’t always have to be fancy! Sometimes the best getaways are to a simple cabin in the Black Hills. Rimrock Camp and Retreat Center offers 5 rustic cabins as options for your stay with us. Sleeping arrangements With 5 cabins available, there is plenty of space for everyone to stay. Each cabin has the ability to sleep 12 people…

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Discover three unique cabins in the Northwoods of Rimrock

Ponderosa, Birch, and Spruce are not just the names of three species of trees located on Rimrock Camp and Retreat Center’s property, they are also the names of the three Northwoods Cabins. Let’s take a tour inside these cabins that are ready for your stay! Enter the Northwoods The three cabins are located close together, but also offer privacy, making…

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Retreats are Worth the Money

Hi, my name is Abby, the administrative assistant for Pioneer & Rimrock Camps and Retreat Centers! I’m a 21-year-old college student with more student loans to my name than pennies. I have to check my bank account before I buy groceries. I’m not in a position to spend money on things I don’t need, but I firmly believe that retreats…

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Everyone who has been to Pioneer or Rimrock knows what it feels like to wake up there. At Rimrock, the moment you step out of the lodge or your cabin, you can hear the water of Rapid Creek tumbling over the rocks next to the Rec Hall. At Pioneer, you can hear insects buzzing as the sun warms the path…

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